Knudepunkt is an annual conference about designing and experiencing Nordic Larp. This year, we’re creating a Knudepunkt that feels just as amazing and inspiring as it was the first time we went. We wish to open up the playground, and give all participants an opportunity to play and create together. Our core is that experience, and we want to relive it with you.

Organizer safety and Communication

This year, we also focus on organizer safety and better communication. This means that all questions and requests must be sent to This also means, that you should refrain from asking our organizers or volunteers questions about KP:19 directly, over social media or anywhere else.

In return, we strive to have excellent communication through our Webpage, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters and FAQ from late August, when we launch our expanded webpage, until we meet in Vejen.


KP:19 is held from Friday February 8th to monday February 11th, 2019

Website launch is expected late August, 2018.

Sign-up and ticket sales will hopefully be ready from early October, 2018.


Vejen Idrætscenter, Petersmindevej 1, 6600 Vejen, Denmark

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