What is Knudepunkt?

Knudepunkt is an annual Nordic Larp convention (known as Solmukohta, Knutepunkt or Knutpunkt when held in Finland, Norway and Sweden respectively). Ever since it was first held in Norway in 1997 it has been the birthplace of international friendships and projects and been a platform for sharing ideas and creating new perspectives on the way larp can be used, both professionally and for fun.

The scope of the Knudepunkt conference has expanded rather rapidly over the last ten years with participants joining from more than twenty countries from all over the world making it the nexus of larp theory and design.

Our Vision for Knudepunkt 2015 in Denmark

Now that the Knudepunkt community has expanded, we want to make sure we have room for everyone that wants to attend, which is why we are creating Knudepunkt Village. Four venues in one location allows us room for 500+ people while still including affordable living arrangements at all price ranges.

With more participants and a new location, Knudepunkt will be something new, and we have taken the opportunity to rethink the conference. Right now it’s mostly a lot of visions and ideas but later this year we will tell you what this means for you. Knudepunkt 2015 will be a chance to experiment, learn and in the end, keep what works best.


This teaser page will be expanded with practical information later this year, including details on accommodation and how you can contribute with your ideas. To be sure to get the latest news, please subscribe to this blog.

Please help us share

We want to reach out as far as we can and tell people, that this year’s Knudepunkt will have room for everyone and be something different. You can help us do this by sharing the link to the webpage and the Facebook event with all your friends. Also have a look at the official #knudepunkt2015 hashtag.